Neighbors complain about JEA's messy property

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On Old Kings Road South, very few properties are overgrown. Howard Young knows: He lives in the 7700 block of this busy roadway.

"I came here in 1996 and I cleaned all this up when I first came here," he said. 

Young is talking about the property next to his home. It is a JEA power line easement. 

"You can look at this here and tell they ain't doing it right," he said, "They ain't doing it right."

Young, 63, said he used to cut the grass himself, but stopped.

"The neighbors around here know. I used to have it looking like a golf course," he said.

But now, a JEA contractor maintains the property and Young wants to know if taxpayers are getting what they pay for.

"The just ride through, hit it with the weed eater, jump back in the truck and they're gone," he said. 

Is Sony Ultra HD the next level in high definition TV?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Just when you thought there was no more room for improvement with HDTV, Sony is rolling out its ULTRA HDTV. The national roll out is Sunday, May 19.

"It is four times the resolution of the current HDTV," said Eric Whitford.

Whitford said for every one pixel, you will be getting four in each area. If it sounds too technical it simply means better resolution and better contrast in your picture.

"You're able to sit closer to the TV without having to have a large living room, said Whitford.

At the Best Buy at the Avenues, he demonstrated the Ultra HD set and the image was sharp, crisp and impressive.

Hollywood is now producing 4k movies and this summer, Sony will stream limited movies to ULTRA HD owners.

But Whitford said the set will upload current movies/video to the 4k standard.

Avenues Deer Creek Police Blotter - May 2013

5/7/13: A fire broke out Tuesday afternoon inside Urban Outfitters at the St. Johns Town Center. First Coast News is waiting to hear about the cause of the fire from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

HOA: Who pays for damage caused by hoarder?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Judy Spear lives in a Southside condominium community that has been plagued by a hoarder. 

"You see it on TV and you think 'it isn't going top happen to me, in my neighborhood,'" said Spear, "but it is out there."

Spear does not live in the same building as the hoarder did but, like her neighbors, she sees and smells the problem.

"You could see across the back in her screened-in lanai," said Spear, "it was piled up in the sliding glass door about this high."

"It was disgusting," Spear added.

The state is now guardian of the owner and over the weekend, state protective services removed the piles of garbage. But it is not over.

"My concern now is for the protection of the association. Who is going to pay for this?" asked David Carmack. 

Carmack is with River City Management, the homeowners association.

3 car wreck on Butler Blvd. at Southside Blvd.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  A three car crash eastbound on Butler Boulevard at the Southside Boulevard exit on Friday afternoon resulted in one vehicle over turning.

The crash happened just after 1 p.m. Friday.  Four people were involved in the crash, riding in the three separate vehicles.  A white GMC Jimmy, a black Honda Accord, and a burnt-orange Honda Fit.   

Jimmy Lanave, who was driving the Honda Fit, spoke to First Coast News.

"The white GMC lost control and went bumper first towards the median, colliding with the black car....I was able to avoid the white GMC, but could not stop in time to avoid hitting the black car." 

When asked if he was injured, Lanave said that he was just sore, but would probably go the hospital.

Who replaced my big screen TV with slab of wood?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Last weekend Mike Miller decided to take advantage of a sale and purchased a big screen TV.

"It was wrapped inside this plastic," said Miller.

It was not what Miller expected.

"I was extremely disappointed," said Miller, "we closed the box back and took it directly to the store."

Miller claimed when he opened the box of his 55 in Samsung, he discovered a sheet of plywood neatly cut and fitted between the styrofoam, instead of a flat screen TV.

Ending the 'R' word in Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Mora Rossi, 25, has down syndrome and hates the 'R' word.

"People get pushed around a lot because they're different," she said.

Rossi, who completed high school and a transition program at UNF, said her disability does not define her.

"I don't think as myself as a person hearing the 'R' word," said Rossi, "I think of myself as a person who want to change the world."

She wants the word retardation replaced with the phrase 'intellectual disability'.