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UNF Students launch social networking site

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Everyone in technology thinks they have the next big thing, but two University of North Florida Seniors might be right.

They launched Open Leaf, an academic social networking site at the beginning of the school year.

"I think one time we programmed for like 27 hours straight. Just lots of coffee," said Co-Founder Eric Nopanen.

Nopanen and James Hamilton didn't waste any time launching their social networking site Open Leaf.

All told, the duo spent more than 800 hours to get the program off the ground.

"My eyes were hurting from programming for so long, I put on sunglasses," he said.

Just 3 weeks in to the school year, the site already has almost 1,000 subscribers.

It's open to any student at any college or university who just wants to learn. It connects people in similar majors to brainstorm, get tutoring, or meet up to study.

"Essentially it's like opening a big virtual classroom to every course around the country," said Hamilton.

"It's just meant for students to connect and share resources, discuss relevant topics," said Nopanen.

They're averaging about 30 new members a day, and asking for feedback as it comes.

They're not shy about making changes, what you see on the website now is the 4th design, from scratch.

"In the long run, when you end up with something better because of it, it's well worth it. Well worth it," said Hamilton.


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