Two-Tier Gas Pricing Catching Customers Unaware

Two-Tier Gas Pricing Catching Customers Unaware

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What gas customers see advertised may not be the price they pay at the pump.

It's because of something gas inspection experts call two-tier pricing.

In response to many questions from viewers about the different pricing, First Coast News asked why, if it's legal and what you can do about it.

Gas stations using two-tier pricing advertise one price for cash (or company-specific credit cards, such as Shell or Chevron), but display another price at the pump for credit cards.

"They just pull up to the pump to get their gas and then realize, 'Oh, they charged me more than what that sign said,'" explained Roberta Lawson, a supervisor for petroleum inspection in North Florida.

The practice is popular in South Florida but it's becoming more common on the First Coast, according to Lawson.

The reason stations do it may be because of steep vendor credit card fees.

New Daily Deal Web Site Coming to the First Coast

First Coast News is launching a brand new daily deal Web site called DealChicken

Here’s how DealChicken works: Consumers sign up to receive future daily deals by visiting The deals are sent to consumers’ e-mail addresses.

Once the site launches, you’ll get one amazing deal delivered to your inbox per day. These will range from excellent deals on food at some of your favorite restaurants, to massive discounts on a round of golf, tanning, etc.

Buckle Store to Open at Avenues Mall, Brings Jobs

Buckle Store to Open at Avenues Mall, Brings Jobs

Long known as a denim destination, specialty retailer Buckle announces the opening of its new location at The Avenues in Jacksonville, FL. This is the company’s 22nd Florida location. Interested applicants can learn more about career opportunities and apply online at

New Radio NOW Hits Jacksonville Radio Waves

New Radio NOW Hits Jacksonville Radio Waves

This morning at 9am RADIO NOW 97-9 hit the Jacksonville market as a mainstream Contemporary Hit Radio station.  The Music NOW on 97.9 FM will include mainstream artists like Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and more.

Innovative Internships Open Job Opportunities For Floridians Overcoming Mental Illness

Floridians who have been treated for mental illnesses will have the opportunity to be employed by private businesses under a new partnership between the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Florida Department of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

Twenty-five paid internships will be available within the next few months for persons who are ready to go to work as part of their treatment and recovery from serious mental illnesses. Typically the unemployment rate of adults with significant mental health issues is extremely high – around 80 percent.

4th of July Summer Sales

Retailers are kicking off 4th of July Summer Sales with major savings.  Most retail stores will be open on the 4th of July and online stores are always open 24/7.  The Apple Store launched its Back to School Sale this week with a $100 gift card to the Mac App Store.

St. Luke’s Hospital Launches New 30 Minute ER

St. Luke’s Hospital Launches New 30 Minute ER

The wait is officially over at St. Luke’s. The hospital just launched a 30 Minute ER campaign designed to reduce long waits in the Emergency Room. The goal is for each patient to be seen by a physician or physician’s assistant within 30 minutes of their arrival to the St. Luke’s ER.

“We understand the last thing people want to do is sit in a waiting room when they are not feeling well,” said Donnie Romine, President of St. Luke’s Hospital. “We have allocated resources to better ensure patients are seen in a more, timely manner.”

Our commitment to increased efficiency includes adding staff, many who are on-call, waiting to respond should wait times start to increase, beginning triage as quickly as possible to evaluate patients and prioritize the severity of conditions and ordering tests and treatment as soon as possible.

“St. Luke’s Hospital has a long history of delivering quality care to patients.