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"Ask-A-Lawyer" event on Saturday, November 6th
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The JBA Ask-A-Lawyer Project Will Be at Gateway Town Center, 5000 Norwood Avenue, Saturday, November 6th, 9:00-12:00.

The Jacksonville Bar Association and the Grace and Truth Community Development Corporation are offering an "Ask-A-Lawyer" event on Saturday, November 6th, 9:00-12:00, at Gateway Town Center, 5000 Norwood Avenue.  The service is free-of-charge.  Attorneys will conduct individual, 10-to-15-minute consultations.  The attorneys have expertise in many areas of law and can provide guidance regarding family law matters, employment, landlord/tenant, wills and estates, criminal law, bankruptcy, and foreclosures to name a few.  The event on November 6th is offered in conjunction with Grace and Truth’s Empowerment Fair.  Persons who participate in Ask-A-Lawyer must sign statements verifying that they understand that the interviewing attorney will not be opening a case, but is simply there to provide some legal guidance and information on additional community resources.  For matters that may require full representation, persons may be referred to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid or to the Jacksonville Lawyer Referral Service.  If you need legal assistance, come to Ask-A-Lawyer on November 6th and get your questions answered.

The Jacksonville Bar Association (JBA) is aware that for many in our community, legal representation is cost prohibitive.  Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and many pro bono attorneys assist with representing these residents in their civil legal matters, but the need far exceeds the legal resources.  In some cases, legal representation may not be required and in some cases brief counsel and advice from a licensed attorney may be all the assistance a person needs.  The Ask-A-Lawyer events bring legal assistance into neighborhoods free of charge.

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