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WATCH Jaguars Players Practice at Local High School!
WATCH Jaguars Players Practice at Local High School!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Still locked out of their official practice facility, more than two dozen Jaguars players allowed the media to watch their informal practice at a local high school.

Led by quarterbacks David Garrard and Luke McCown, plus first-round pick Blaine Gabbert, the players started conditioning drills at 9 a.m. at Atlantic Coast High School.

The players have been holding these practice sessions for a couple of months, but they have kept them private until today.

In addition to the conditioning drills, the players worked on some basic passing routes and blocking during today's practice.

The practice sessions aren't quite what NFL players are accustomed to, but they're making do.

With no help from any Jaguars employees, the players are bringing their own cones and setting them up on their own.  Normally, these things are taken care of by team personnel before the players arrive on the field during non-lockout times.

Also, several of them are using their iPods as they practice, a no-no in an official practice.  The same goes for the sunglasses that players like Montell Owens and Derek Cox were wearing today.

With no collective bargaining agreement in place, NFL players are locked out of NFL facilities. Representatives of both sides have resumed talks aimed at resolving the lockout.

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