More than 4,000 tires found at one Jacksonville home | News

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More than 4,000 tires found at one Jacksonville home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two men are now facing charges after the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) counted more than 4,300 tires on a residential property on Rogero Road following a complaint.

FWC, JSO, and the Department of Environmental Protection worked together on the case and during an inspection of the property also found quite a bit of mosquito activity.

Carrie Garrett lives next door.

"I saw the tires. I figured they would be getting cited for that. Other than that I was just surprised when the police came over here and knocked on the door and asked us the same thing, were they bothering us and really they weren't. We just mind our own business and go about our daily business."

46-year-olds Curt Hatton of Jacksonville and Richard Evans of Mayo were chared with maintaining a waste-tire site without proper permits and creating a public health hazard.

Hatton told First Coast News he apologizes to anyone the tires offended. He said he thought his property was commercially zoned and is now in the process of disposing of the tires properly. He said he let his business partner store them on his lot after thanksgiving but they ran in to some financial troubles.
Hatton says the tires will all be gone within 60 days.

FWC says it will conduct a follow up inspection to make sure the tires have been removed and properly disposed.

Hatton and Evans have been given notices to appear in Duval County Court.


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