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UNF students urging lawmakers not to hike tuition

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Students at the 11 schools in the State University System of Florida are rallying together to try to keep tuition from going up next year. Florida law allows a 15% tuition increase, and for the past several years it has gone up.

"I struggle to pay for it every semester," said University of North Florida student Amanda Weimar.

The 19-year-old junior is hoping to graduate with a degree in psychology, but if the cost of tuition keeps going up, she said she may not be able to afford it.

"It really is a big deal right now because I'm struggling to pay for my books this semester."

UNF Student Government President Carlo Fassi is encouraging students to take part in the "Aim Higher" campaign to urge lawmakers to invest in higher education. Fassi said it won't just help students but also the economy by having a more educated workforce.

Fassi has ordering 4000 postcards to pass out on campus so students can write on them and mail them to Tallahassee.

"We want them to write why they feel the state should invest in higher education and that they can't take another tuition increase like they have the past five years. Since I've been a student here tuition has gone up 70% since 2009," said Fassi.

In 2000, in-state residents paid about $51 per credit hour. Now it's $170.

Weimar said she plans to take part in the "Aim Higher" campaign and hopes lawmakers will listen.

"We really need to rally for this and get a lot of people to get in because if we don't have the numbers it won't matter. We need to show them we care," said Weimar.

A rally is planned for this Monday at noon in the UNF Student Union Plaza to kick off the "Aim Higher" campaign.


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