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Owner of new home: "I have mold, puddles on my windows"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- Dense condensation on the windows and mold growing on the walls. Those are just two issues that a Jacksonville woman said are wrong with her brand new home. She called the On Your Side team for help.

"This was a place to retire and enjoy. I'm not enjoying it," Denise Criscitiello said.

It is a home at the Sweetwater subdivision that Criscitiello moved into in November 2011 from New York. She expected happiness.

"No, I'm not happy. It's a brand new home," she said. "I came here not to have things to do. I don't really feel like wiping windows everyday."

She claims condensation forms on and near the windows.

"I have mold and puddles on my windows," Criscitiello said "Puddles like you took glasses of water and poured them on there."

And a larger problem she claims resides up in the vents with the air conditioner.

"The humidity in my home is always between 68 and 75," she said. "It's unbearable."

Criscitiello said, "I have a report from a building inspector saying it was installed improperly and nobody wants to fix it. They're saying that it's fine."

She said her homebuilder, Del Webb homes, has sent people out to her home. As, she said, have other companies.

"All of these pages," she said as she thumbed through a table full of documets. "It's all documents of everything that was done and everything that was said to me."

Del Webb sent Criscitiello a letter in late November 2012 saying in part that an assessment was done and the system wasn't deficient. There was no evidence of mold inside the home with the exception of a minimal amount in the garage. It went on to say, Criscitiello had an argumentative communication style and requested all future warranty requests be in writing.

"All I want done is I want my A/C fixed properly," Criscitiello said.

Wednesday afternoon, Valerie Dolenga, a spokesperson with the Pulte Homes Group, released this statement:

"Del Webb has been in business for more than 60 years and we take pride in our commitment to building quality homes and outstanding communities. We have been responsive to the concerns by Ms. Criscitiello . The company has conducted multiple evaluations not only with our internal service personnel, but also with two different HVAC companies. Both HVAC companies determined that the system was functioning within industry standard and provided documentation stating their evaluation. Additionally, we evaluated the mold claim and did not find any visible mold in any of the locations claimed. We tested those same areas with a moisture meter and removed the drywall which did not show any visible signs of moisture nor any elevated moisture levels using a moisture meter.  

If the homeowner is not satisfied with our response to her warranty request, she can reach out to Professional Warranty Service Corporation regarding her claim."

First Coast News contacted that warranty service corporation. Terry Cooke, General Council with the Professional Warranty Service Corporation, told us Criscitiello has not initiated an arbitration request to them.









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