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Who's the "good samaritan" in Jordan Davis' killing?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many times when crimes are committed, witnesses choose to turn a blind eye or don't want to get involved. Fortunately that was not the case on November 23, the night Jordan Davis was shot at the Gate gas station parking lot on Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road.

An individual referred to only as "the witness" in a police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office allegedly, "observed the white male drive away in a dark colored Volkswagen." The witness also provided authorities with the Florida license plate number that traced back to the suspect, Michael Dunn.

A statement from the Law Office of John M. Phillips, who has been hired by the family of Jordan Davis, simply said, "The family appreciates the outpouring of prayer, love and support and is especially thankful for the good samaritan that helped apprehend the man that murdered their son."

Who is this witness, the good samaritan, the individual who helped complete strangers get the medical and police attention they needed? If you know, please contact us at news@firstcoastnews.com. You can also call anonymously to 904-633-8808.


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