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Will 'Stand Your Ground' stand in Dunn's case?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Michael Dunn, accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis, has hired the legal team of Mitch Stone and Robin Lemonidis to defend him against murder charges.

"He was not a vigilante of any sort," said Lemonidis, "He simply responded as he felt was necessary when he was threatened."

But when asked if they plan to use Florida's controversial 'Stand Your Ground' defense, Lemonidis was evasive in her answer. Lemonidis has said that her client said he saw one of the teens with a gun.

"I can give you the lawyer answer or the mom answer, which is we'll see," she said.

Prosecutor Mark Caliel said he expects them to use it.

"Based on what I heard in the media, I think it is likely," said Caliel.

Caliel said his office will be filing the final changes against Dunn after they consider all of the evidence.

Was alcohol involved since Dunn was returning from his son's wedding? Were the teenagers armed? Police say they were not.

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Lemonidis claims her client was polite in asking the teenagers to turn down their loud music, and he was not the provocateur.

"'Would you mind turning it down?' in that tone of voice, if that is precipitating violence," said Lemonidis, "then we are all in trouble."

Prosecutor Caliel said it will all come out in court if Dunn shooting several bullets in an SUV with teenagers was justified.

"The evidence is supposed to be left up to the courtroom and that's what we'll do," said Caliel.

Dunn remains in the Duval County jail without bond. His next court appearance is December 19.

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