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ON YOUR SIDE: How to claim Asus Windows RT keyboard dock rebate

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you're one of the many people that bought a Asus VivoTab Windows RT tablet from Best Buy in October or early November with the promise of a free keyboard dock rebate, here's some new information you'll want to be aware of.

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Originally buyers were told to go the Asus website and fill out an electronic rebate form and a free keyboard dock would be shipped.  One of our employees did just that but after two weeks there still wasn't any indication of the order being filled.

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When FCN Digital Director Bill Bortzfield wrote Asus the company wrote him back twice saying they were looking into it but didn't have an answer.

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He finally was able to reach a representative on the Asus customer service line that told him the plan had changed and that he should instead go to the Best Buy where he bought the tablet with his receipt and Best Buy would provided the keyboard dock.

Sure enough, that worked.  He received his keyboard dock Thursday night from the Best Buy at St. Johns Town Center customer service desk.

The Asus representative warned that the word is still be spread to Best Buy locations around the country so you might want to call your local Best Buy before driving over to confirm they'll honor the offer and that they have the keyboard in stock.  As of Friday morning, bestbuy.com's website showed the tablets were out of stock at some local locations.

The Asus representative also said he expected the website to be updated soon with new information.


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