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UNF celebrates its 40th anniversary

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dr. Louis Woods has been at the University of North Florida since the beginning.

The economics professor was teaching economics when the doors opened back in 1972.

He's still teaching economics today.

"We continue to do a good job in what we are supposed to be doing," Woods said.

Some things have changed in four decades. The hefty hardbacks have been traded in for sleeker paperback texts.

And, well there's the whole Internet thing.

But it's obvious by the way his office is organized, or, dis-organized really, that a lot of things have stayed the same over the years.

"I have file cabinets and drawers, but I find having these stacks is easier," he said behind piles of papers.

"But I've never lost a student's work in spite of the chaos, or what appears to be chaos."

Woods remembers how different campus was in the first few years.

"Construction crews were still here," he said. "We would come across deer on campus, we'd even see wild pigs when we were driving in."

He even said there were rumors of a black bear that roamed campus in the early days.

"The construction crews swore to it because they say it would go through their lunches."

And after 40 years of teaching here at UNF, Dr. Woods is retiring. The last remaining professor from the very first day has decided four decades is enough.

But he's not ready to talk about his last day yet. He's still busy getting ready for his next lecture.

"I'm still excited about getting new information to the students," he said.


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