Southside Boulevard To Be Closed This Weekend for Water Project | News

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Southside Boulevard To Be Closed This Weekend for Water Project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A section of Southside Boulevard will have to be shutdown temporarily this weekend so JEA can do work on a water project.

Southside Boulevard at Bradley Road will be closed from Friday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m. until Monday, April 23 at 5 a.m. while a pipe in installed across the road.

Detours will direct cars onto the Southside Boulevard Service Roads.  JEA is cautioning motorists that they could experience traffic delays since Southside Boulevard will be funneled down to one traffic lane.

The pipe is the beginning of a JEA water project to construct a water transmission pipeline between its two major water grids.  The plane is called the Total Water Management Plan (TWMP) Project.

Once completed, it will transport excess water supply from the north side of the St. Johns River to the south side of the river to better meet increased potable water demand in the southern portion of the utility's service area, according to a release from JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce.

Boyce said the project will help promote conservation of the Floridan aquifer by lessening JEA's water resource withdrawal demand from its southern raw water well fields.

JEA is doing the utility work on the section of Southside Boulevard in coordination with roadwork being done by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Utility crews will install a 30" water line across Southside Boulevard and along the west Southside Service Road, Boyce said.

There are 136 artesian wells in operation for JEA's water system. The wells are fed by the Floridan aquifer, one of the world's most productive. JEA then distributes the water through 36 water treatment plants and 4,208 miles of water lines.


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