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Jacksonville Elton John Fan Sends Love Through A Billboard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In a quiet Southside neighborhood, there's a lady who is not afraid to rock. 

And Camille Clement Gregg's rock of choice is Elton John.

"In 41 years I've seen Elton John, well, this Saturday it will 106 times in Orlando," she said.

Gregg has set up her dining room table with some of the memorabilia she has from four decades of fandom.

For instance, she has the program from a show she saw in Cincinnati in 1976. 

She also has stock photos and autographed books, paintings, DVDs, and even VHS recordings from most every time he's on TV.

"If he does an interview on TV my friends usually call me or text me and I try to record it," she said with a laugh.

Yes, her collection says "Big Fan."

But her dedication to seeing him live says "Biggest Fan."

"I've had years where I saw him eight times," she said.

"I once saw him six times in six days."

She was 10-years-old when she saw her first Elton John show. It was in Detroit.

She's got autographs and has even been on stage with him in Vegas.

"But I really want to shake his hand and say thank you," she said.

Gregg says her goal is to now meet him. And she's taken a creative approach to get the musician's attention.

"Go big or go home," she said.

She went big by buying a billboard message on I-95 just south of downtown. 

The message says:

"Dear Elton John, I'm your #1 fan. 106 shows/41 years, Please meet me in O'Town 3/10. Camille"

"I wanted impact," she said. "I wanted someone to look up and say, 'What's up with that?'"

She says she's not obsessed, just grateful.

"It's a fun hobby," she said. "I've always just wanted to say thank you for the joy he's brought into my life through his music."


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