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Wrong Insurance Policy Dampens Excitement of Pregnancy

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Ashley Gooding is ready to be a mom but she doesn't have all that she needs.

"I thought I did," said Gooding.

November 2009 she purchased what she thought was a short term disability insurance policy to provide coverage during maternity leave. She did not verify.

"I thought I was signing up for the right thing, on the paperwork I wrote this is what I wanted," she said.

Gooding said the agent gave her a price quote and she filled out the paper but she  just found out that the policy she purchased covers accidental injury and won't cover her maternity leave.

"I'm very disappointed," said Gooding.

For two years she paid $32 a month for the wrong insurance and did not know it. Her Husband, a college student, is upset and blames the agent .

"We wouldn't have signed up for an accidental policy to begin with, we already have it, that would be double coverage," said Joe Gooding.

They reported the mistake to the agent's attention, and said they received an apology and a check for what appears to be a refund of their premiums.

Attorney Alan Williams specialty is insurance laws. He is a professor at Florida Coastal School of law and  has no relationship with this case.

Williams said the consumer has a remedy and the right to rely on the expert. 

"What you have here in essence is the consumer is asking the expert, the agent this is what I want and the agent saying this is what I'm selling you but the agent was actually selling the consumer something else," said Williams.

"We are allowed in the law to rely on experts; certainly we should all read our contract and look at the language," he added, "but a lot of us aren't familiar in contractual language so it is not wrong for the consumer to have relied upon representations of the insurance agent."

Gooding has filed an appeal with the insurance company to provide the policy she wants, but she says we can all learn from her experience.

"Look into your policy to make sure it is really what coverage you have,verify every year," she said.

The insurance company is now reviewing her appeal but cannot discuss it until Gooding completes a HIPPA release and sends it to the company.
















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