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Memorial Hospital Asks for New Trial In Malpractice Case

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Clay Chandler had dreams of becoming sheriff one day.

A lawsuit details how those dreams were shattered after a gastric bypass surgery at Memorial Hospital went wrong.  There are allegations of abuse and negligence.

The former Clay County sheriff's deputy went into a coma. He is now wheelchair bound and will be for the rest of his life.

In January, a jury awarded Chandler and his family $178 million in damages.   It is one of the largest malpractice settlements in North Florida.

But now, Memorial hospital is fighting back and asking for a new trial.

Documents filed in court show the hospital claims the jury was misled by some of the evidence.

The motion also details claims of jury misconduct and asserts the jury foreperson left out important information.

Jurors were questioned about ties to the military and police.  The hospital claims the foreperson never disclosed she is married to a retired sheriff and was previously married to a Marine.

The motion for a new trial also notes that jurors never saw items it should have. including two Hallmark cards from Chandler's wife to nurses at Memorial.

Court records show that Mrs. Chandler thanked the nurses for their professionalism and for caring.   Memorial notes that those cards are in contrast to the nursing negligence and abuse claims.

Memorial Hospital released a statement Friday afternoon that "....we did not agree with the outcome of the case and intended to appeal. We are now moving forward with that process."

Chandler's lawyer, Tom Edwards, released a statement reading, "HCA/Memorial still refused to accept responsibility for the horrible harm they caused this family.  This family, our firm and our state's Justice system, will not allow one of the largest corporations in this country to use its extraordinary resources, might and power to escape responsibility for wrongdoing.  HCA/Memorial needs to accept responsibility for the harm it caused."








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