Homicide Detectives Investigating Death in Southside Fire | News

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Homicide Detectives Investigating Death in Southside Fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An elderly woman is dead after a Southside fire Monday night, according to JFRD spokesperson Tom Francis.

The fire broke out at a home on Fawn Lake Drive, just south of the Philips Highway intersection with Southside Blvd and the Avenues Mall.

Johnathan Young, who was down the street when the fire broke out, saw the flames and called 911, Francis said. 

"As I got around the corner I could see it was the front of a house, and, I mean, the flames were just out of this world when I saw it," Young described.

Firefighters rushed into the home, found the woman near the kitchen area and removed her from the home.

Once they got the woman in her 70s out of the home, they discovered that she was already dead.  Francis said the woman was home alone at the time of the fire, but three others live there with her.

Investigators were checking to see if the woman had working smoke detectors.

An email from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office indicates that homicide detectives have also responded to the home.

This is the second fatal fire JFRD responded to in the last 24 hours.


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