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Stolen Puppy on Special Diet Returned, Lethargic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A stolen puppy in need of special care has been returned to the pet store from which she was stolen.

The tea cup yorkie was stolen from Pampered Paws on Beach Boulevard Tuesday afternoon.

According to the story told to an employee at the store, someone then paid $250 for the pup at a local gas station.

The dog was stolen by a man who tucked the pup under his shirt and walked out of the store.  It was all caught on video.

"She's very small.  She's like a teacup, so she's gonna be under three pounds," said employee Tiffany Gordon.

Gordon said the puppy was in danger because she is on a strict diet to stabilize her blood sugar level, needing to eat special food every two to three hours.

"We are just worried that it wasn't gonna get, like, the right nutrients and the right food," said Gordon.

A day after the story aired, the puppy made her way back to the store.

Gordon said a man dropped off the puppy, saying his friend had bought the stolen dog but became nervous after seeing the story on television.

The dog was lethargic upon her return around 10 a.m., she said, so the employees are working to stabilize her.

If the story the man told is proved to be true, Gordon said today, the store will pay a $250 reward, the same amount paid for the dog at the gas station.

Gordon said the thief came in to the pet shop twice Tuesday afternoon.  The visits were just minutes apart.

She said the man mentioned he was looking for something special.  "He said he was looking for a dog for his daughter, guess he just divorced his wife."

Gordon said the man eyed the yorkie first but then picked out a different dog to buy.

The video shows as the clerk went to the back of the store to clean that pup up, the thief took the yorkie and walked right out, even with other customers in the store.

The staff didn't know the dog was gone until the next day, when they realized their count was off.


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