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Father ticketed for son's red light violation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Gabriel Alexander lives in Baker County and drives a Cadillac. Gabriel Alexander II, his son, lives in Duval County and drives an Acura.

"I don't even drive the vehicle," said Alexander. 

So imagine his reaction when he received a notice of violation for the Acura running red light cameras. The notice was sent to his Baker County home.

"I barely know where that street is that the alleged citation occurred," he said. 

It happened May 28, 2013, 7:14 am. According to the Notice of Violation, the Acura ran the lights at the intersection of Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road.

"I tried to show the court that I was at work," said Alexander, "It wasn't me."

But because both father and son name's are on the vehicle registration, the elder Alexander's name is first, the father received the ticket.

"Physically, I was 50 or more miles away," he said. 

They had a court date and took what they believed was strong evidence to show the wrong person was cited, the Alexanders left disappointed. They said Lady Justice did not want to hear it.

"The judge had already decided before we got there," said Gabriel Alexander II, "She did not want to hear our evidence."

"What most of our fight is about is how do we know the camera is working correctly," said Randy Reep. 

Reep is a defense lawyer who litigates red light camera cases. He believes they tread on constitutional rights. 

"Broward County just said they're unconstitutional," said Reep. 

Alexander said he was fined $462 and charged three points against his driver license. Reep who is not representing Alexander, said points for a red light traffic citation are grounds for an appeal.

"If he's gotten points," said Reep, "throughout the state case law is very clear you cannot access points in these cases."

Alexander has 30 days to pay the $462 fine; he's considering an appeal. But there's another concern: Will this be the last time he faces a red light traffic camera violation?

"Forever and ever, Mr. Alexander is going to get every ticket that his son commits on these red light cameras," said Reep, "and I certainly don't think that is right."

The simple explanation is his name comes first on the registration and the only way to fix that is to change it.

Reep said he is all for safety at the intersections but if municipalities are going to use red light cameras to enforce the laws, the cameras should be equipped with a camera to capture the face of the driver.

What should you do if you receive a red light camera violation?

Reep's advice: 

-If you get a notice of violation pay it, it will not affect your insurance.

-If becomes a uniform traffic violation, fight it. 


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