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Neighbors complain about JEA's messy property

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On Old Kings Road South, very few properties are overgrown. Howard Young knows: He lives in the 7700 block of this busy roadway.

"I came here in 1996 and I cleaned all this up when I first came here," he said. 

Young is talking about the property next to his home. It is a JEA power line easement. 

"You can look at this here and tell they ain't doing it right," he said, "They ain't doing it right."

Young, 63, said he used to cut the grass himself, but stopped.

"The neighbors around here know. I used to have it looking like a golf course," he said.

But now, a JEA contractor maintains the property and Young wants to know if taxpayers are getting what they pay for.

"The just ride through, hit it with the weed eater, jump back in the truck and they're gone," he said. 

The area was recently mowed but whoever cut the grass beneath the power lines left a mess behind.

"You can tell this here it wasn't done right," said Young.

Young said it is unacceptable when tax dollars are paying for the work. He also believes it becomes a community eyesore and that invites illegal dumping.

"This is the main drag out here and they got me looking like I'm the junkiest house on the block," said Young.

JEA is fully aware of the problem. Spokeperson Gerri Boyce said a JEA employee mowed the area personally since the contractor was otherwise engaged.

"It was very wet and he mowed where he could," said Boyce, "The employee did not have a weed eater and had already arranged for the contractor to finish the job."

She said the contractor is schedule to complete the job before the Fourth of July holiday.


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