18-year old Arrested for Stealing from 6 Cars | Crime

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18-year old Arrested for Stealing from 6 Cars
18-year old Arrested for Stealing from 6 Cars

Tommie Stornes Jr. was arrested Tuesday after witnesses reported seeing him load stolen goods into a  vehicle and police found stolen property in his car.

Police were called to the Avistele Apartments on Creekfront Road where witnesses said they saw Stornes, 18, loading up a speaker box and two subwoofers into a Dodge Durango, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office report. They also saw him go into a vehicle and take a car battery.

Police located the Durango and arrested Stornes, who said someone told him how easy it was to get into cars, according to JSO. He told police he tried to get in 30 cars and was able to get into six.

He showed police where he had dumped the stolen property, the report said. Stornes also told police he had never done anything like this and was having a difficult time dealing with his father's death.

Police said he admitted it and apologized to the victims in a written statement, which said he would never do something like this again.

Other items police found included credit cards, an iPod, a backpack, a camera and several wallets.


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