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How to wipe GPS data: Easier than you think

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Desi Desiderio recently rented a vehicle and was surprised by what was left behind on its GPS system.

"There were five other entries of people that had their contacts already store in the rental vehicle," he said.

Desiderio installs GPS and other electronics at his Rolling Sound store. He said whether you're selling or trading your vehicle, you need to wipe the data from your GPS system, but you don't.

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"I think you're excited about the new car and you forget what you're leaving behind," said Desiderio. 

He said the easiest way to erase your personal data from your GPS is to reset the system

"It is not difficult," said Desiderio, "It is very simple."

How simple? Go into the main menu of the system, under settings, and it will give you the option to reset. Don't be afraid: Click the button to reset.

"I clicked 'yes' and it is gonna make sure I am sure," he said.

Confirm you are erasing the data. In seconds, your navigational device is wiped clean.

"At that point it is going back to factory settings," said Desiderio.

When it is down, the system does not even recognize that you were there.

"There's nothing left in the system," he said, "it is like I was never here."

It is a very simple process and he said something everyone should do.

"When you're trading in your car, just be mindful of what you're leaving behind," said Desiderio, "because you never know what the next owner is going to do with that information."

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