Police: Skeletal remains found

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Skeletal remains have been found on the city's Southside, according to Sgt. Farhat of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

A skeleton was found in the woods near Philips Highway and Reba Street and it appears as if has been there for about a week, according to Farhat. The sex of the body hasn't been determined yet.

Farhat said JSO received a missing person's report yesterday and were following up on that lead, but cannot say whether it is that person or not.

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What's going on in Jacksonville this weekend?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here is a list of events going on this weekend:


JACKSONVILLE FARMERS MARKET: Open every day of the year, dawn to dusk, save up to 70% or more on NE Florida's largest & fresh selection of local, ethnic, and specialty produce, agricultural and other food products. It's free to attend. The farmer's market runs this Saturday from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m.

UNF Students launch social networking site

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Everyone in technology thinks they have the next big thing, but two University of North Florida Seniors might be right.

They launched Open Leaf, an academic social networking site at the beginning of the school year.

"I think one time we programmed for like 27 hours straight. Just lots of coffee," said Co-Founder Eric Nopanen.

Nopanen and James Hamilton didn't waste any time launching their social networking site Open Leaf.

All told, the duo spent more than 800 hours to get the program off the ground.

"My eyes were hurting from programming for so long, I put on sunglasses," he said.

Just 3 weeks in to the school year, the site already has almost 1,000 subscribers.

It's open to any student at any college or university who just wants to learn. It connects people in similar majors to brainstorm, get tutoring, or meet up to study.

Sundown Sunday marks start of Jewish New Year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sundown Sunday marks the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  It a special time of year for Jews around the world.

"Rosh Hashanah is a very important Jewish holiday. This is the birthday of mankind  This is when Adam and Eve were first created 5,773 years ago so this is a very important holiday. This is our birthday." said Rabbi Shmuli Novak with Chabad of Southside.

During this time it's customary for Jews to have a big family meal that includes apples dipped in honey and pomegranate. The Melameds explain the significance.

"There are suppose to be 613 seeds. Tradition is there are 613 which corresponds to the 613 mitzvot commandments in the Torah and that's why we have a pomegranate. additionally we always ask for a sweet new year so we have honey" said Kevin Melamed.

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Ryan Perry's life celebrated at Bolles football game

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The first game of the season was an emotional one for the Bolles Middle School football team and fans.  They used the game against Providence Middle to celebrate the life of Ryan Perry.

The 10-year-old died Wednesday after getting tangled in a rope swing.  It happened next to athletic field at the Bolles Middle School Bartram campus while Ryan's brother, Alan, was practicing with his team.

Tuesday night's game was moved to the high school stadium at the Bolles School San Jose campus.  The team wore green stickers with Ryan's name on their helmets while the cheerleaders wore green hair ribbons. Even the opposing team wore green patches, Ryan's favorite color.

Update: Urban Flats working to pay employees in wake of closure

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Urban Flats describes itself as a refined casual restaurant and wine bar. There are several locations, but the Tinseltown location closed abruptly after serving a number of employees worthless checks.

The facility has been closed for more than a week and the workers are asking "where is my money" and "can anything be done?"

High schools hit by tragedy meet on the field

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two high schools hit by tragedy in the same week met on the football field Friday night.

Halftime at the Wolfson High School football game was more than a performance.

It was a way to remember Janay Jackson.

Jackson, 17, was killed last week, sleeping in her bed, when a van came crashing into her bedroom.

Jackson would have been leading the band and her best friend Michelle Givens as drum major.

"She would want us out here," Givens said. "I just keep thinking about her on that podium dancing crazy."

"It's all difficult," Jackson's father Gerald Jackson said. "It's hard to feel joy because of what they're doing, knowing that she can't be a part of this even though it's for her." 

Jackson's parents, Jerry and Felicia, were at the game.

For Felcia, who also attended Wolfson and was in the band, the familiar atmosphere comforting.